Project Sunflower YQL

Hello and welcome to #projectsunfloweryql! To spread cheer to Lethbridge residents, my team and I are
giving away sunflower seeds. Sunflowers represent new beginnings and hope and after a challenging
year, we could all benefit from the beauty and cheer that these flowers bring. By coming together as a
community to plant sunflower seeds, we can fill our city with beauty and joy, not only for ourselves, but
for pollinators such as bees and butterfly’s. The variety that we chose to give away is called ‘Music Box,’
and is a dwarf, branching sunflower that blooms in splendid shades of yellow, bronze, and cream. This
variety only grows to be 70 cm tall, so it is suitable for container gardening. Sow your seeds in a sunny
location, approximately half a centimeter deep for best results. We encourage you to share some of
your seeds with neighbors, friends and family (safely, of course) so that we can spread sunflower cheer
all across Lethbridge. When your sunflowers bloom, post a picture with the hashtag #projectsunfloweryql to Instagram or Facebook. We encourage you to save the seeds from your mature sunflowers in the fall for next years planting, as this variety of sunflower is open pollinated. Together, we can achieve beautiful things and create a vibrant future for all!

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